An online publishing tool that can help anyone effortlessly find fresh content and create newsletters in minutes.

Where did the idea for Flashissue come from?

One day, after nine hours of intense frustration, a beaten down entrepreneur had had enough. His task had been simple: he wanted to better promote himself professionally by turning four blog posts he’d written and a couple more he’d found online into a simple, cool-looking email he could send to business colleagues. Using the current tools available it had become mission impossible, and four months later FlashIssue was born.

FlashIssue makes it quick and easy to design marketing emails, even if you’re not a marketing manager. It’s based on the premise that you shouldn’t need a PhD in HTML formatting to get a great email out the door. We built the FlashIssue platform to help you discover, organize and package information (aka content curation) for online marketing in an insanely easy way. When you can stop having to worry about what to write in emails and reach people you want to influence in a flash, you save time and increase traffic to your business. What’s not to like?

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