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Beautiful Email Marketing For Gmail. Early Preview!

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  • Create emails inside Gmail with our drag & drop editor
  • Build mailing lists to target your Google contacts
  • Track emails & content to measure performance

A Small Business Content Curation Tool Review

content curation tools and platforms

At Flashissue we are all about saving time and staying efficient in our day to day. I have attached an image including a huge list of tools that should expedite content to your customers, blog or employees. Some of these tools will look familiar, some are new to the game. All have a nice niche and can help many small business simplify communication and marketing.

Content curation is a highly effective inbound marketing strategy and because of this, there has been a rise of content curation tools and platforms. Great tools are emerging quickly. Here is a great summation of the tools here I hope you enjoy learning about them as much as we have. Use a few to understand the benefits of curating your content.

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About the author: Eric Is passionate about sharing solutions for businesses to succeed.

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