Here’s a tip on how to get better conversion out of your marketing efforts: Just add a powerpoint presentation to your email newsletter using a free service called Slideshare.

Don’t worry Mac users, the same applies to you. While reading this post substitute the word *powerpoint* for *keynote*.

If you have created your own powerpoint presentation, great. If you do not have one of your own, dont worry, I’ll show a way to find some great free content.

Step 1: Upload your Powerpoint to Slideshare

Slideshare is the Youtube of presentations. It’s a great free service for hosting your .ppt presentations. All you do is upload your presentation and Slideshare converts it to a nifty slide show that can be then be used to share online.

You can embed it in your website or blog post (like I have done below) or you can include it in a newsletter.

Here’s an example of a powerpoint presentation I uploaded:

Step 2: Add Your Slideshare to Your Email Newsletter

It takes just a few seconds to add your presentation to your newsletter.
Once you’re logged into Flashissue, copy/paste the URL of the presentation from Slideshare into the Stories tab. It will then become available in the gallery for you to drag into your newsletter.
drag in slideshare
Another tip: If you do not have your own presentation to upload to Slideshare, then search their site for a presentation using some of your favorite keywords. You’ll find some great free content.

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