email newsletter queen We’re excited to debut the first post in a new series from the team at FlashIssue.  It’s an inside look at what we’re doing now and the big things we have coming next.  Without further ado, meet our newsletter building Queen, Darcy Panosian.

What’s your biggest problem with email marketing?

I’ve been working with a lot of different companies creating curated email newsletters over the past couple of months and there has been one particular issue that keeps popping up… getting your readers to actually READ your newsletter.

So, if this sounds like a problem you are having, read on.

Luckily, my journeys in newsletter world have led me to a couple of easy-to-implement tips that

Keep your newsletter short.

Your readers don’t have oodles and oodles of time to read your great content, so only include the best of your best! Five to six articles are what I recommend, while putting your most important articles at the top.

Know your audience.

It’s so important to really know your audience to be able to appeal to them and get them interested. If you don’t, find out and keep it interesting. We all skim, so if an article doesn’t grab you right away either change the intro, or nix it.

Be consistent.

If you are going to send out a newsletter once a day, a week, or a month, then make sure you keep it consistent! When going the daily or weekly route I would recommend sending it at the same time each day so that your readers start to expect, and look forward to, your email.

The best part about this problem is that you can track your improvement in your reports. There is nothing better then actually being able to see your progress! Implement these tips and watch your click rates increase.

Let me know other issues you’re having and we can tackle them together (Darcy [at]!

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