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  1. 15 Nov 2013 Phil Hill - Founder & CEO

    5 Steps To Save 99% On Your Marketing Costs Using Freelance Writers

    5 Steps To Save 99% On Your Marketing Costs Using Freelance Writers Winning new business can be expensive. I’d like to show you how I

  2. content marketing tips flashissue king

    24 Jun 2013 Phil Hill - Founder & CEO

    15 Content Marketing Tips That’ll Make You Dance [infographic]

      Whether you want to create an email newsletter, a blog post or you’re doing your social media thing, forget over analyzing and getting too hung up

  3. time or money

    01 May 2013 Chris Barber

    Digital Marketing Tactics for Small Bussiness

    Easy Email Marketing for Digital Marketers If you own a small business website, then you know you must do online marketing, otherwise having a website

  4. fan_1200_750

    27 Mar 2013 Phil Hill - Founder & CEO

    Curate Your Own Magazine On ipad In Seconds

    Checkout this awesome video about curating your own magazine on your ipad with Flipboard. All they need now is a newsletter creator to go along

  5. 12 Mar 2013 Phil Hill - Founder & CEO

    How to Curate 6,000 Pieces of Content This Year

    Todd Wheatland, VP of Marketing at Kelly OCG, joins the Social Pros Podcast from Content Marketing World in Sydney, Australia this week to discuss producing massive amounts of

  6. puzzled about surveys

    11 Mar 2013 Phil Hill - Founder & CEO

    How Do You Get People To Complete Your Online Survey?

    For some reason in the last couple of days I found myself completing two online surveys. I never normally respond to these requests so what

  7. 26 Feb 2013 Phil Hill - Founder & CEO

    Automate Your Content: RSS to Twitter and Facebook

    As a blogger, anything that can save you time without compromising your integrity is a good idea. You can use your RSS feed to send

  8. 15 Feb 2013 Phil Hill - Founder & CEO

    Content Experiment Drives 44% Conversion Increase

    Video game entrepreneur Gaspard de Dreuzy and financial technologist Serge Kreiker had a thought: why not use the gaming experience to break the traditional online

  9. content curation example

    19 Dec 2012 Phil Hill - Founder & CEO

    Good Example of Content Curation by The Huffington Post

    Here’s a good example of content creation by The Huffington Post that i found when doing some content research for a client. I was searching Google for “Coolest Offices

  10. Content-Marketing-Tips-For-Small-Business

    11 Dec 2012 Eric Moran- Chief Revenue Officer

    As a small business: Could I become a publisher of content?

    As a small business owner please do not sell yourself short! As a former Advertising Director of a few very popular publishers in Atlanta and

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