Want to send BULK EMAIL through Gmail?

  1. 02 Nov 2015 Destiny Gardner

    Reasons Why You Need Filters for Gmail

    Filters for Gmail have turned out to be my email savior. I use them to: Increase speed of response to customers Stop losing things my

  2. 15 Oct 2015 Destiny Gardner

    How Flashissue Used Intercom to Increase Customer Reviews with Google by 4344%

    One of the great hurdles for small businesses today is gaining and maintaining a reputable online presence. No one is immune to this problem but

  3. 30 Sep 2015 P H

    How to Select Memorable Images for Your Content Marketing

    How much more memorable are visuals compared to text? One oft-referenced answer is that people remember visuals 6 times better than text—an answer referenced in Buffer’s

  4. 18 Sep 2015 Destiny Gardner

    How to Create a Landing Page for Email Marketing

    Being proactive here at Flashissue, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to make email marketing more effective. One promotional tactic that we have

  5. 18 Sep 2015 P H

    25 Wonderful Examples of Animated GIFs in Email Marketing Templates

    25 Wonderful Examples of Animated GIFs in Email Marketing Templates They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so an animated one must

  6. 16 Sep 2015 P H

    Keyword Research: A Beginner’s Guide

    If you’re new to the world of ecommerce or online marketing in general, you’ve likely heard about search engine optimization (SEO). In a world where the

  7. 31 Aug 2015 Destiny Gardner

    How to Cut Business Telephone Costs with Google Voice

    Google voice has long been a beloved, semi-secret among tech aficionados, but it’s benefits for small and mid-sized organizations aren’t as well-known. Tech writer Jeff

  8. 26 Aug 2015 Destiny Gardner

    How to Cut Administration Costs with Google Docs Add-Ons

    The use of Google apps for small business can be a remarkable tool for driving drastic cost savings throughout small and mid-sized organizations. According to

  9. 26 Aug 2015 Destiny Gardner

    White Paper: Flashissue’s Google Apps for Work

    Did you know you can save your business time and money by downloading Google Apps for Work? Google is the internet’s powerhouse for apps all created