use email to promote social media Email is often the forgotten stepchild of internet marketing…but it shouldn’t be.  Social sites are great, powerful resources but they will never replace email as the dominant primary form of communication. We’re all about newsletters, FlashIssue even integrates with MailChimp and Gmail.

Studies continue to show that email is still the best way to share content.  For some reason, a lot of people think the only place to distribute content (and your message) is on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  This is a BIG mistake.

A good marketing strategy combines all of these elements and uses one platform to promote the other (where it makes sense).  Email is a great way to drum up support for your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.  Here are some quality tips on how to do this:

Jeffrey Mesnik, “Use Email To Give Your Social Content Traction: 4 Tips” 

According to an article in Mashable, the average American spends 15.5 minutes on Facebook every single day. AdvertisementBut even with these great numbers, what are the odds that your communication will appear in someones social news feed at the

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