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How Do I See Who Opens My Emails in Google Apps?

Posted By Destiny Gardner on 23 Dec 2016

As someone who usually sends out dozens of emails out a week, it’s a little tough to keep track of who opens my emails in Google Apps. Having to double check with recipients to see if the email was received can be time consuming and take some effort on my part. Being able to have a quick way to see if my emails have been opened would save me time in the future as well as help me keep better track of the status of the emails I have sent for the week.

Unfortunately, Google does not provide any way for me to see who opens my emails in Google Apps. But I added a tool called Flashissue to my Gmail account to help me if my emails have been read.
Flashissue’s inbox tracker is a tool that will allow you to instantly add tracking to your Gmail emails.

When Flashissue’s inbox tracker is in installed, it applies open tracking to emails sent through Gmail that will allow you to keep tabs and read receipts. You will be able to see if your email has been opened by the recipients.

It’s an easy way to make your Gmail account an email tracking tool.

Plus, it’s free to use.
Here’s how I use Flashissue’s inbox tracker to see who opens my emails in Google Apps:

*Flashissue’s is a Google Chrome app so you’ll need to have the Chrome browser installed*

  1. Download Flashissue here.
  2. Go back to your Gmail inbox.

Flashissue should be installed and work on all of your Gmail accounts.


Now that the app is installed, here’s how to send and track emails in Google Apps.

1.Go to Gmail compose window.

2.Create your email


3. Click send


Inbox tracking should be automatically turned on for all sends. No extra steps needed.

View Tracked Emails

You can check your tracked emails by going to the “Tracked Emails” label found on the left panel of Gmail.

Here you will see that your tracked emails are color coded.

The way the inbox tracker works, you are given a color label (gray, yellow, green) that shows if your email has been opened by everyone. To better understand the meaning of the colors, please see below:

2016-10-28_14-20-40: Not opened by any recipient

2016-10-28_14-20-40-2: Opened by some recipients

2016-10-28_14-20-40-4: Opened by all recipients

These colored labels allow you to quickly decipher if your email has been read by all of your recipients.

And you’re done. It’s that easy.

I use Flashissue’s inbox tracker to get a better idea of who opens my emails in Google Apps. It’s a great way to quickly view read receipts and stay up to date with prospective emails all from your Gmail inbox. Now you can keep tabs on important emails you have sent and have the satisfaction of knowing their status.

If you have not already you can download Flashissue’s inbox tracker here.

Got more questions? Learn more here.


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