FlashIssue does the heavy lifting for you. Learn how, and check out our easy-to-use interface!

#1 Fetch Your Content.

It’s simple. Enter your blog address, RSS feed or key search word and in a flash we’ll fetch your newsletter content for you.

We create a neat summary of each blog article or webpage that includes a short intro paragraph, an image and a link that takes the reader back to the original full article.


#2 Drag & Drop Articles

Now you can see all your articles listed in the content gallery, all you have to do is cherry-pick the ones you want in your newsletter and drag & drop them on to the editor. It’s that quick.

Say goodbye to all those formatting headaches you had in the past when you tried to copy-paste content into a newsletter.


#3 Edit Your Content

See something in an article that’s not quite how you’d like it? No worries, with a couple of clicks you can edit the wording, add some pictures or apply any other touches you have in mind.

You can also upload a banner, write an introduction or add text boxes with your own content.

edit article

#4 Select Delivery

We make delivering your newsletter as easy as writing an email.

Get HTML: Paste your newsletter’s HTML’s into any email service.

Mailchimp: Send to your Mailchimp email list.

FlashIssue: We’ll deliver your newsletter for you.

Gmail: Export your newsletter to Gmail & send to your address book.

Social Network: Share your newsletter’s landing page on Twitter etc.


Extra: Install Web Clipper

Never be at a loss for content to include in your newsletters. Download our Clipper and bookmark interesting web articles as you read them; they’ll be saved under the”Clipped” tab in the product.

The Clipper also lets you to export your newsletter to Gmail with 1-click.  Download & install it for free. Make sure you’re using the Google Chrome Browser.

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Designed to convert.

Every newsletter is designed for maximum conversion. Your digest displays as an email or a stand alone web page.

Example 1: Aaron’s Tech Tuesday

Example 1: Goodson Health & Wellness News

Example 2: CatholicPhilly Weekly


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