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Once you've selected your Gmail template customizing it is a breeze.


Step 1 - Open Template

Select a template and customize it inside your Gmail inbox. 

Step 2 - Save Your Template

Once you’ve finished creating your email, save it as your own personal template for future use. 

Step 3 - Send It

You’re done! Click Send like any other email in Gmail.

Gmail HTML Integrated

Gmail templates install directly into your Google account for easy access for easy availability everytime.

Formatted Gmail HTML Templates

Templates that come  pre-made and designed with margins, formatting, and media – no complicated HTML to deal with. 

Add Your Own Content

It’s quick to add your own text and images using our drag-&-drop editor. Even add pre formatted blog articles with the web clipper.

Look Professional

Presentable and elegantly designed Gmail HTML templates that help you look more professional that help you connect with your audience fast.

Save Your Own

Save your own customized templates to the Gmail template gallery located directly in your Gmail inbox and use them whenever.


Each Gmail HTML email comes with links to social media sites so they can shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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