Not only is FlashIssue simple and easy to use, but
it’s affordable too!

No Credit Card Required For Trial. Cancel At Any Time.
DIY Free DIY Extra
Do-It-Yourself Content
Retrieve Blog Posts
Enter your blog address and we'll automatically retrieve and summarize all the articles from your site. You'll be ready to go with content in seconds.
Basic Story Editor
Edit the headline and text of your content articles.
Curation Web Clipper
Install Chrome browser curation plug-in. When you find an online webpage you like, clip the page and it will be saved in the Flashissue content gallery, so you can use it in your newsletters.
Publish to Facebook & Twitter
Increase your audience reach by publishing your newsletter to your Twitter followers and Facebook friends.
Gmail Integration
Turn Gmail into your own personal newsletter service. Export your newsletter to Gmail & send to your private Contacts.
Everything from DIY Free
Mailchimp Integration
Log-in to your Mailchimp account through Flashissue and send your finished newsletter directly to your Mailchimp mailing lists, without ever having to leave Flashissue.
Constant Contact Integration
Log-in to your Constant Contact account through Flashissue and send your finished newsletter directly to your Constant Contact mailing lists, without ever having to leave Flashissue.
Download Newsletter HTML
Download your finished newsletter and paste it into an email template with any email service provider.
No Flashissue Branding
Turn-off the Flashissue branding & logo from the newsletter and landing page
Full Featured Editor
Customize your newsletter with colors, images and different fonts.
Embed In Website
Download the HTML code of your newsletter and use it to embed in your website or blog
Premium Support
Got questions or need help? Email us and we'll get  back to you within 24 hours (usually much quicker). You'll get preference over any of our free users.
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Have any questions?

Can you help me create my newsletters?

We won’t create your newsletter for you but we’ll make it super easy for you to created your own from your own blog posts and other online content.

What happens after my free trial?

After your 30 day free trial you have two options.

  • Upgrade to the DIY Plus plan and pay with your credit card
  • Continue using with our DIY Free plan.

Even if you upgrade to the DIY Plus plan, you’re free to revert back to the free plan at any time.

No fees and no cancelation charges.

Do I Need a Credit Card for the free trial?

Nope. There’s no credit card or additional registration needed to try the premium features in our DIY Plus plan.

When you come to use a premium feature in the product you’ll be prompted to start your trial.

Can I use my existing email service provider?

Of course, once you’ve created your newsletter with us, just grab the HTML and copy-paste it into your email template with your current email service provider (select “Get HTML” in delivery options).