We’re changing the way we support our Mailchimp integration. The current way of doing things will not be supported after Dec31st, 2016.

This means you will not be able to directly pull up your mailing lists in Flashissue. Instead you can use send your Flashissue newsletters via your Mailchimp mailing lists using Mailchimp’s “Email Beamer”.

It’s works really easily and puts you in full control.

To continue sending to your Mailchimp lists with Flashissue do the following:

  1. First login to your Mailchimp account
  2. Go to mailchimp.com and click “Lists”


3. Select the list you wish to send your email


4.Click “Settings”. Now click on “Email Beamer”


5.Copy the beamer email address


Sending the email

1.Paste the beamer email address into Flashissue “contacts” bar. And click send.

2.Go to Mailchimp and select campaigns. You will find your email there.



3.Click on the email campaign and send via Mailchimp.

Send as you normally would for any regular Mailchimp email. And you’re done. That’s all you need to do to send your Flashissue emails via Mailchimp.

As you continue to use the Beamer feature, you may want to save the beamer email address inside Flashissue as a mailing list. This will make sending to your beamer address a lot easier in the future.  




The list you selected for the Beamer feature from should already be attached to your campaign. All you need to do is make any small edits you feel necessary and then send via Mailchimp. All of your reporting information about your campaign will need to be accessed via Mailchimp and not Flashissue.