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People said sending bulk email with Gmail was too darn hard. We agreed.

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We turned your existing Gmail account into a total online marketing tool for you or your team.

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Step 1: Create mailing list

Your starting point is the people you already have in your address book.

Flashissue helps you organize these people into groups, like "Sales Prospects", so you can use them as the recipients for your emails. We'll also save you time by automatically keeping track of the people who want to unsubcribe from your emails.

Step 2: Design Email

Create your email using our simple drag and drop editor.

We assume you don't want to spend hours designing an email, even if you could, so we give you a quick clean way to get something created you'll be proud of in minutes. Add images and text in a jiffy and say good bye to all those formatting issues. That's something you've not been able to do in Gmail before.

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Step 3: Add Web Content

Do you get stuck what to write about? Don't worry we've got you covered.

Enter the address of your blog site or give us a keyword to search and we'll fetch you all the fresh content you need for your email. We create a neat summary of each blog article or webpage that includes a short intro paragraph, an image and a link that takes the reader back to the original full article. Cherry-pick the ones you want in your email and drag & drop them on to the editor. It’s that quick.

Step 4: Track Your Email

Now it's time to get the analytics on what people are doing with your newsletter.

With one click you can access reports on who opened your email and see what content they find interesting. This helps you measure what messages are working for you with your audience and lets you become more effective with your marketing.

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Here's some of the cool emails being created

A cookie

Health & Fitness

Optimal Body, a chiropractic practice, delivers news and wellness information to its clients by blending their blog and other relevant articles they find online.

Example: Yoga Studio

Example: Media Consultant

A cookie

Real Estate

TechSpace Today, a commercial real estate agency, wanted to create a newsletter that would be fun for clients to read. It focuses on cool office designs.

Example: Church & Faith

Example: Ecommerce

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I love the idea. It’s the perfect marriage of my blog and curated content. I tried using it without reading any directions and seems easy. It’s a winner.

Stephanie-Diamond-01 Stephanie Diamond Co-author, Social Media Marketing for Dummies

I showed Flashissue to a marketing consultant yesterday, he actually broke in a happy dance. Dance was awkward (Twitter)

Kevin-Sasser-pic-01 Kevin Sasser Biz Dev Executive,

Just discovered the app an hour ago. The concept is genius! I’m using it to send “curated content” in a newsletter to our customers.

Erick-Morningstar-01 Erick Morningstar Roaster, Desert Sun Coffee

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